The Importance of Addressing Sleep Posture for Lower Back Pain

Having difficulty sleeping through the night?Is your lower back pain is waking you up in the middle of the night or you are having a hard find a comfortable position? Sleep and lower back pain is probably my favorite topic to talk about!

I love sleep, who doesn’t? Sleep is so critical to our health for many, many reasons such a cognitive functioning, emotional state, cellular changes, etc. In fact, during sleep is when the most healing occurs within our body but here is the catch….

Most people (not all) suffering from lower back pain can’t sleep through the night because either they have difficulty falling asleep and or waking up in the middle of the night constant due to pain. And, when you wake up in the AM you start the day off with heightened pain. So let me try to help you to sleep with less lower back pain.

You are probably wondering…..”Is there such thing as good” vs. bad sleep position?” The answer to that is, YES, YES, YES.  Sleeping on your stomach is the least favorable position because the amount of stress that puts on your lower back and not to mention your neck. Sleeping on your back and either sides is suggested over sleeping on your stomach.

You mean, I have to change my sleep position? And the answer to that is not necessarily. I totally get it, you’ve been sleep like this for YEARS! Sleep posture is generally not something that people can change easily so no worries.

Instead I teach all my patients how sleep in a better, more supportive position with the use of pillows and many of them. Trust me you may feel like you are being smothered by pillows and your significant others may think you’re crazy, however you will most likely have less pain first thing in the AM, wake up less frequently in the middle of the night and feel more rested.

So let me summarize. Sleep is critical to improving your lower back pain as it is time for your body to rest and heal. Sleep is posture and without addressing painful posture, you are only limiting your body’s capacity to heal.

I always stress this to my patients….all the exercises in the world will only get you so far, and I mean pretty far generally (there are always exceptions to the rules) BUT, if you continue to resume activities and or postures that re-aggravate your symptoms than you start to “undo” what you have trying to work hard with exercises. Lastly, who doesn’t love sleep. We need to sleep.

Ok, now to the good stuff! Check out my video {LINK} and my other sleep blog where I guide you through different positions and bring your pillows!