About Me

Born and raised Marylander here. I ventured out to Florida to attend University of Saint Augustine for my doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Not only did I get to live on the beach, I felt like I received the best education on this career. I graduated and started my job with such confident manual skills and abundant knowledge as a new PT.

I had the privilege of working with such inspirational physical therapists from day 1 of my career that always encouraged continuous learning, community engagement and career growth but more importantly, I learned how to be a compassionate and empathy so that my patients and I are a team. For that, I am forever grateful.

I have always worked in the outpatient orthopedic setting but have dabbled in home health and nursing homes but my passion lied with orthopedics.

After practicing for a few years, I decided to specialize in the pelvic floor. I took more interest in this pelvic floor as a coincidence really.  When I learned more about how the pelvic floor muscles work in conjunction with the lower back, it knew it couldn’t be ignored.

I have to admit that I have been through phases in my career where I felt burnt out and frustrated many times. That was due to the fact the I was seeing patients day after day without proper comprehensive care and lack of direction, just frustrated at the system.

Unfortunately, the way that healthcare is going in this country, prevention is the not the focus, rather management. This HAS to change. We as a medical community need to work together as team to provide the best care possible for out patients.

So I am here to practice what I preach.