DIY Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Education from a Professional PT

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Not sure what to do?

I created this website for the main purpose of educating you on your body, symptoms and guide you through exercises that may help your symptoms. 

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Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

Who am I?

 I’m a practicing physical therapist in Maryland. I have been practicing in outpatient  orthopedic setting my entire PT career, but also working in skilled nursing home and home health settings. To learn more about me click here.

Why am I doing this?

I started this because I kept seeing the same routine…. Patient comes in, complains of lower back pain. I ask them about their medical history, provided a tentative diagnosis, educate them, prescribe some exercises & so on.

One common thing I noticed with at least 90% of my patients was that they Googled their lower back pain and came in freaked out because they incorrectly self diagnosed themselves. Most even tried it some of the exercises and it made their symptoms worse.

 So out of curiosity I searched & found that there wasn’t a whole lot of sites with relevant, accurate, actionable sets of knowledge of lower back pain treatments. While, I did find some sites with good information but even I had difficulty following!

So here I am. I set out to create the most useful website to help people suffering from lower back pain like you to save money, time and try to help you not freak out! 

My primary goal is to EDUCATE you on your body and symptoms and see if you can do something about it.

How to use this site.

The best way to utilize this site is to LEARN, as I said before! Get familiar with your body and symptoms. If you don’t know what, when and how you body is responding to the pain then it will be unnecessarily challenging to figure out the cause of your symptoms.

I strongly believe that the heal from pain is to figure out CAUSE of the pain, not sure treat the symptoms.

Education will also help you can prevent it from happening again! So let us start to familiarize ourselves.I can’t emphasize this enough!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This website IS NOT a substitute for other medical advise, nor  to provide a diagnosis and guaranteed treatment. The screening tools and exercises are to be performed at your own risk. If you experience pain or aggravated symptoms, please stop and consult with your MD or physical therapist. The exercises are completed at your own risk.