3 Best Sleep Positions for Lower Back Pain

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ok so let’s get down to business. In my last blog I gave you the 411 on importance of sleep and now I am here to guide you through them. Here they are…3 BEST sleep positions for lower back pain so grab 2-3 pillows and follow along.

#1 Sleeping on your back 

Sleeping On Your Back With Less Lower Back Pain
Sleeping On Your Back With Less Lower Back Pain

Ok, so the 2-3 pillows you have are going to be supporting your legs. Place the first pillow up to your gluts, not under your gluts horizontally. Then the second pillow goes on top of the first pillow but starting mid thigh, again horizontally. Last, the third pillow goes under the knee fold. Some people like the added height of the third pillow while some feel comfortable with just two. Generally you want to use at least two pillows, one pillow doesn’t seem to be enough. Play with it the number of pillows to see what feels most comfortable to you.

#2 Right and/or Left Side Sleeping

Side Sleeping with Less Lower Back Pain
Side Sleeping with Less Lower Back Pain

You will definitely need 2 pillows or a body pillow. If you have 2 separate pillows try this. First, place a pillow between your legs vertically supporting from mid thigh to feet. Then depending on which side you are laying on, you are going to place a pillow under the arm. For example, if you are laying on your right side, you left arm hugs on the pillow.

Why the pillow under the arm? It there to limit rotating your top shoulder and trunk towards the bed as the night goes on. When your upper body rotates or leans forward it can contribute to the lower back rotating as well, adding unnecessary stress. Remember when your body is in pain, your body is more sensitive to minor changes.

The same principles apply for body pillow. You place it between the knees and hug at the arms, like the picture shows.

# Stomach Sleeper

Again, for sleeping on your stomach you can use 2 pillows or a body pillow. I generally find body pillows to be more comfortable and supportive.

The main difference between sleeping with pillow support in sidelying vs. on your stomach is your leg placement. When you are sleeping on your side, the legs are stacked on top of each other with a pillow in between whereas sleeping on your stomach, the bottom leg does support the top leg. The top leg is only supported by the pillow.

I promise for a picture to come for visual assistance. None of the pictures did the positioning justice.

So try this if you have 2 pillows or a body pillow. Just like in sidelying you are hugging the pillow at the top arm and the top leg is supported by the pillow placed vertically as much of the leg the pillow allows. The bottom leg is positioned naturally and comfortably.


  • Do not try to change your favorable sleep position. Try the giving your body more of a pillow support then if that does not work then trying a new sleep position.
  • It should take you less than a few minutes to get comfortable once you get your self set up. If you takes you longer than that, having someone like your friend or significant other look at your alignment. Sometimes having someone else see you in different views help make alterations that you may not notice.
  • These sleep modification are designed to help you sleep better with less frequency of waking up in the middle of the night, help you fall asleep quicker with less discomfort, or help you wake up with less pain.


Hope these tips helped. If you have any comments and or questions please leave me a comment.