Lower Back Strain

Low back strain is another prevalent injury of lower back. Lumbar Strain or what may feel like you “pulled a muscle in the low back” typically does not have right, left or both legs pain associated with it.

Lower back pain from strain anatomically speaking are micro-tears within the muscle tissues due to over stretching.

Ok, what I just said sounds terrifying but it’s not. Micro tears also happens when you lifting heavy weights and trying to bulk up. Micro tears heal.

Low back pain is inevitable but learning how to manage or even get rid of your low back pain will save you lots of time, money and even headaches.

To find out what may have provoked your symptoms, check out this list of  possible causes of lower back strain.

Still wondering if you pulled your back? Here is a list of common symptoms of lower back strain that help you figure out what is going on.

IMPORTANT: if you are experiencing any radiating pain down the leg or legs a nerve is involved, you are not likely experience something more than a low back strain.

Helpful Tips:

My general rule of thumb is if you have feelings of muscle spasms in the low back ice pack will work wonders. If you just experiencing soreness with stiffness, a hot pack will feel amazing, just as long as it does not feel inflamed. 

Upon INITIAL occurrence aka the ACUTE PHASE of symptom rest, hot/cold pack application for 10-15 min as needed. Then when symptoms are subsiding then GET MOVING! I don’t generally recommend prolonged avoidance of everyday activities or movement unless it provokes significant pain of >5/10 but the more you don’t move the more stiffness and pain will onset.

The AMAZING thing about low back strain is that it is fairly an easy fix….I said easy not quick! I’ll let you guess as to what I prescribe for lower back strain pain…..you guessed it CORE, CORE, CORE!

Click on the link below of exercises specifically designed to alleviate low back pain. [ coming soon! ]

Also click here for a taping technique using kinesio tape that will temporarily provide significant relief! [Add to my coming soon list.]

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